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August 05, 2016 1 min lesen.

African prints, also called Ankara, are a trend which is becoming quite common on runways. They are chic, sophisticated, and more importantly, fun to wear.  Read on for the top 5 reasons why African prints should find a place in your wardrobe this summer 

  1. Comfort: Only when you are dressed comfortably can you relax and enjoy the summer. African prints are made of cotton fabric which are light and breathable.  Perfect for a day out in the sun.
  2. Sign of the times: Unlike other fashion and fashion statements, you never have to worry about these prints going out of style or only being able to wear them a certain time of year. African print is in style year round and thousands of different prints are available.
  3. Vibrance:   African prints are unafraid.  They are in, they are happening now, and they are sure to get noticed. Tribal motifs, large patterns, and bold themes keep them a cut above the rest.
  4. They are outgoing:  Yes they are. They will become your best friend, and make friends with your accessories shoes, and other items of clothing as well. There is never a dull moment with African prints. Literally! You can pair them up with anything and still end up looking cool.
  5. The Look:Everyone has the look! Unlike other prints in fashion, there is no right or wrong way to wear African print dresses. Any person of any size can wear these dresses and look and feel great. African print dresses are available in many different bold colors, so almost every taste is accommodated. Everyone looks their best in African print dresses.
So why wait? Head over to the store and stock up your wardrobe on everything with African prints.


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