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January 01, 2017 2 min read

It is that simple. Wash your face with African Black Soap.

Believe it or not I was first introduced to African Black Soap about 10 years ago in a big open market in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. Some colleagues at work told me that this open market was something to behold, a place where you could buy just about anything you wanted including rocket launchers. Now, I have to say I wasn't in the market for rocket launchers. Should I tell them? They said all this with a lot of pride and a touch of humor, and after listening silently for a bit I concluded they were trying to attract me to not scare me off this market.

So that weekend, off I went with a couple of friends from Sierra Leone. It was as they had described, fun atmosphere, streets and streets of vendors. After strolling around for a few hours picking up necklaces and bracelets we came across a vendor from Ghana. We rushed over to his stall like we had found an old pal. I cannot remember what else he sold but one of my friends was excited to see Black Soap. I bought some for myself to see what the fuss was about.

It cleared up my skin in no time. Gone are the days when I thought I had sensitive skin. Later on  a slight change in diet to reduce inflammatory foods also helped. Nowadays, I get my raw organic African Black Soap from I search for any vendor with many high ratings from Amazon verified purchasers (can't go wrong with that), point and click and it's my doorstep before I know it. Online shopping is amazing.

By the way, we never did find the rocket launchers.

Nadine Taylor
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