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December 25, 2017 2 min read

  1. What is a Dashiki?  Originally from West Africa, and derived from the Hausa word dan ciki, which means shirt, a Dashiki is a loose fitted shirt.  A version of this shirt with with its famous cross design and colorful fabric gained popularity across Africa and is by far the most loved afrocentric clothing in  the US.
    Black Dashiki Phone Case
  2. Dashiki History.   The Dashiki design was inspired by Ethiopian coptic crosses. "Ethiopian crosses are symbols of Christianity in Ethiopia. Their elaborate, stylized design is markedly distinct from the similar European Christian crosses. Ethiopian crosses are almost always made from elaborate lattice work, the intertwined lattice represents everlasting life. Each cross looks different, and artisans can take liberty when choosing shapes and patterns." (wikipedia).  
    Dashiki Inspiration - Ethiopian Coptic Crosses
  3. Who made the first dashiki fabrics? The Dutch company, Vlisco mass produced a variation of this Dashiki design for the African market, using the motif from an Ethiopian coptic cross alter cloth. (Vlisco.com). Dashiki fabric in varying shapes and patterns is now made around the world. Dashikis, which are a traditional African garment with origins dating back to the 13th century, have been gaining in popularity on the fashion scene and among celebrities for some time now. The Angelina print is just one of many different patterns that can be found within Dashiki clothing; while it was originally created by Toon van de Manakker as an homage to Ethiopian nobles from centuries past during his travels through Africa's countryside, this particular pattern has become so closely associated with its namesake dress that people often refer to these dresses simply as "Angelinas" or other similar names without mentioning their cultural heritage at all.Short Red Dashiki Dress
  4. Dashiki AKA.  Also known as the Angelina, Ya Mado, or Miriam Makeba in various African countries.  However if you want everyone to know what you are talking about, you should probably go with Dashiki.
  5. Who can wear a Dashiki? If you can pull it off (and I mean who can't?), it's yours.


Ethiopian Cross image sources:


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Nadine Taylor
Nadine Taylor

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