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January 18, 2017 2 min read

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So what exactly is African Fashion?  Is it fashion made by Africans or fashion worn by Africans? Is it made of African fabric or made in Africa with any kind of fabric? Or made of Dutch/Chinese/Indian/Swiss/German fabric but in that distinct kind of print or lace loved by Africans? Or maybe it is fashion made by an Italian designer on condition that the models have their hair in cornrows for the runway show.

My sister, living in California recalls how she was wearing a silky Indian styled kaftan top one day, when a friend asked where she had bought the top. She replied, "from Amazon". Her friend persisted "but what do I type into Amazon in order to get this top"? 😂Incidentally I took a much simpler route to acquire my top. I asked my sister to buy me one.

We all have similar stories. A friend told me, "I want this dress but I don't know what it's called". After some back and forth we discovered she meant a dashiki or Angelina print dress.

Without getting too philosophical about it, African fashion is cute clothes, bags and accessories more and more people want to wear. We do not say African fashion to create an exclusive club. We give it a label for practical reasons. It makes it a whole lot easier for you to find that look you want but can't quite define.

Simply put, African fashion is fashion. Unless you want to buy something, then I recommend you type in African fashion. Or better still Kayarize. Type in Kayarize. 😃.

Nadine Taylor
Kayarize (visit our African dresses catalogue of modern african dresses)

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