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June 06, 2021 2 min read

Ever since an unknown foodie tried to become as famous as Ozzy and ate a raw bat, the world has been in a state of global lockdown. You might have noticed it. It's the time when all of us were stuck at home, bored out of our minds. Have you ever wondered why you were bored, though? It's because everything was the same, and although you lived through one of the most unusual periods in the last century, your life lacked anything extraordinary. During the lockdown, your life was the same every day, and it became the new normal. And as we all know, normal is boring. 


Now that the world starts to reopen, a year after it went to the gutter, it's time to try something new. Breaking the uniformity is a must if you want to stand out like a casual giraffe at a formal gazelle-only convention. You can always try with the easiest option and go out, not having taken a shower in more than a year, dressed in your pajamas with your stylishly grown fingernails, still having Cheetos from last July stuck underneath. You will be fascinating, no doubt, just not in the way you might want to. 


Another way to establish your uniqueness is by refusing to get a haircut. It doesn't matter that you haven't seen a hairdresser in over a year. Look how well things turned out for Samson. Just like him, you can announce that your hair is God-given and is the source of all your powers. And since you don't have actual powers, you can always just ask people to believe in you. Who knows.  It might work.  I don't make the rules.


However, the best course of action is refreshing your style. Like all of us, the more you stayed home, the more homeless you looked. That's the curse of the lockdown. Now that that's almost over, it's time to go out again and dress up not just to look good but also to make a statement. Buy yourself a unique tee, a stylish V-neck, or a cute tank top. Let the print show your true self, your uniqueness, your passion, and your coolness. And remember that Grumpy cat may have been cool back when you could get out, but now, the trends are different, and so should be your clothes. 

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