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Let's go get our 37 cents

August 01, 2017 1 min read

Thanks so much to all who spread the word and raised awareness of the Equal Pay issue for women. Because of you we had a huge increase of traffic to the website for our 37% OFF sale in recognition of the fact that black women make on average 37 cents less for every dollar a man makes. (Women on average make 20 cents less and Hispanic women make 46 cents less!!) We at Kayarize were honored to joined the LeanIn campaign to raise awareness.  Don't you wish all campaigns were like this? Come in, spread the word and leave looking gorgeous.

So what's next?  Serena Williams, the queen of perseverance herself had a few words to say in her article How Black Women Can Close the Pay Gap.

As Serena says, "Let's go get our 37 cents".  I add, and our 20 cents, and our 46 cents.  Our voices and efforts are stronger together.


All the best

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