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Medium Bolga Basket - Throw Basket

Size Guide
Pretty up your living room with a bolga basket as flower pot, bringing a cosy authentic feel to your home.
  • Basket Dimensions: approx 15"- 18" long x 8"- 10" wide x 13"- 15" tall (does not include the handles)
  • Fair Trade Market Baskets
  • Leather Handles
  • Each handmade decorative basket's color blend is unique
  • High quality, handwoven
  • Made in Ghana

When the totes get to you they may be a little out of shape from shipping. They are VERY easy to reshape - just wet them with warm water and reshape to your liking.

More home decor ideas for bolga baskets:

  1. Market Basket. Use as a shopping bag. Keep one in your car and keep those plastic bags out of the land fills. This is the perfect farmers market basket.
  2. Beach bag. These bags don't care if they get wet.
  3. Decorative baskets for any room. Use them as storage baskets. Toss in your remote controls or keys or magazines hair accessories, and you are left with lovely basket on the table top or floor corner. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Covering for flower pot.


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