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August 13, 2019 1 min read

Then, now, and across continents, songs that make us feel special.

Way back when, the brown girl song we all loved was Brown girl in the ring by Boney M. Back then growing up in Sierra Leone,  Africa, there was nothing different about being brown. However, a friend told me as a toddler she felt particularly connected to the song because she remembers it being played at a party where she happened to also be wearing a brown dress.

In high school in England, I was introduced to this one by an Asian friend.  She loved Reggae and some guy sang this at her one day while she was out and about in London. As cat calls go, she thought it was cute.  I spy, what do I spy, pretty little brown girl with two shiny eyes.

And now, Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce. Once again, judging by all the tags #brownskingirlchallenge and viral videos on social media, from babies to grannies, this song has definitely hit the mark.

What's your favorite brown girl song?

#Representation Matters

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