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How to Look Like You Hired a Stylist

August 20, 2016 2 min read

When you see celebrities walking down the red carpet in their designer clothes and shoes you can’t help but envy their flawless style. Of course, they have at their disposal a number of stylists who can transform them from shabby to chic in a matter of minutes (probably hours).

You may be thinking “who has all that time and money to spend on a stylist?” Well! You do. And the stylist is you. With a few tweaks in poise, confidence, and wardrobe, you too can turn heads with your impeccable style.

  • Know your body type – Having ill-fitted clothes are the main reason you aren’t hitting that red carpet style. Take some time to understand your body type and try to find clothes which complement it.
  • Mix and match – Don’t be afraid to spice up your outfit by mixing patterns and colors. Not only will it up your style quotient, your confidence to be able to carry it off will be enviable.
  • Develop your own personal style –When you look at fashion icons such as Helena Bonham Carter or Lady Gaga, you’ll understand why they stand apart from the crowd. While your fashion statement does not have to be as eccentric or loud as theirs, it is better to wear what brings out your personality and quirks rather than follow the crowd.
  • Roll up your sleeves/jeans –A simple and effortless way to win style points is to roll up your sleeves or jeans a little. It oozes of confidence when you show some skin on the arms and ankles.
  • Accessorize correctly – Accessories should be used to raise the level of style, not blind everyone who turns their head in your direction. If there are more accessories than clothes on your person then you’re doing it wrong.

The most common tip you’ll hear from any stylist is not to overdo it, and whatever the trends be, ensure you dress comfortably.

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