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Personalized Monogram Doormat | Welcome mat

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This is your chance to make your entrance with style! We’ve taken our most popular doormat and put a custom, original twist on it. This doormat has the classic monogram pattern that we all love but with a gorgeous and whimsical flower design as an added detail. It gives this mat personality; elegance; charm - everything you could want in a mat. And of course, what would be personalized without some flair? Select the letter of your choice for an extra special touch to welcoming guests into your home with instant style and grace!

Questions?  Email: hello@kayarize.com

The natural coir mat
The natural coir fibers are inserted into an all-weather vinyl backing for lasting endurance. Stain, rot, and mildew resistant. Easily cleaned with a good shaking or vacuuming. The printing on this high quality mat is flocked instead of painted making the doormats fade resistant. As the natural fibers will more quickly break down in direct sun/rain we recommend to use them in a dry, protected area, like an alcove, porch or an awning. 

  • 5/8-inch-thick. Great for low thresholds
  • Electrostatically flocked designs do not fade like painted mats
  • Durable dense fibers scrape shoes clean
  • Vinyl backed for increased durability and to help prevent movement
  • Best used in protected area away from direct rain and sprinklers or discoloration may occur
  • Will not mat down with use

The synthetic coir mat
Soft fiber meant with the look/feel of the natural coir mats.  Unlike the natural coir, these mats can be used in areas exposed to direct rain or sunshine. 

  • 1/4-inch-thick. Great for low thresholds
  • No-Shed No-Fade synthetic coconut fiber 
  • Manufactured for All-Weather use
  • Electrostatically flocked designs do not fade like painted mats
  • No-Slip rubber backing for increased durability
  • Will not mat down with use
*Ships to the US Only

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